Storms Really Damaged My Roof a Lot

Every time a storm came last year, it did more damage to my roof. I knew that I needed to just have a roof replacement in Brooklyn NY done, but I was hoping to wait it out another year if possible. When the last storm took off over a dozen shingles though, I knew that it was time to stop being so stubborn. I wanted to save money, but I also did not want to have rain, snow, and bugs coming into my house because the roof was so damaged.

I was actually embarrassed to contact a roofing company, because I knew that it was in such bad shape and most other people would have had it repaired or replaced by that point. I knew that I still had to get it done though, so I went online and did a search for a local roofing company. I wanted to find one that is local because I do like to support local businesses as often as I can. Brooklyn Roofing is the roofing company that came out, and I was so thankful that they did not judge! I am being serious, because that is how bad my roof was.

I contacted them and they came out the next day to take a look. I knew that they would say it needed to be replaced, because it was just that bad. What I was not expecting were the different roofing options they gave me. They could put on a roof that would fit just about any budget, and I really did appreciate that aspect of it. While I did not go with the cheapest option, I didn’t go broke by having the entire roof replaced either. It looks really great, and I don’t cringe when a storm rolls through our area now either.